Say it in 7?

Can you say it in 7?

These 4 oz Anchor Hocking jars are filled with scented paraffin wax and are being sold in sets of 7. One of each scent/color.

There are only six sets so hurry fast!

Scents include, vanilla, lavender, baked apple, citrus sage, cinnamon, orange and ocean wave.

We can customize your set with black or white vinyl. Ideas might be “Easter (with a bunny picture making the seventh bottle). Love you. Goodbye (for someone who is retiring or changing jobs).

Because these are custom items please use the contact us to tell us what you would like to see if we can do. We will do our best to make it happen.

This set will run $12.50 if they do not have vinyl and $15.00 if they do. Due to weight we estimate shipping will be around $5.00

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