Support our Suppliers

Due to the fact we get such great support from our local businesses we want to share their information.

We hope you will visit their websites and if they can provide a product you need giving them your business.

The Ribbon Retreat in Shelley, Idaho, is a warehouse full of great fun in ribbon.  While product can be picked up locally they are a warehouse that will also ship to you.  We love their prices and have had terrific service every visit.

Expressions Vinyl in Shelley, Idaho, is a great shop for finding the perfect vinyl for any project.  Whether you purchase by the roll, the sheet or even by scrap you will surely find what you need when you shop.  Since every project is unique it is nice to be able to purchase items in the amount you need.  They sell via the internet or have a store you can visit.  They carry items for both the Silhouette and the Cricut.

Snake River Printing Company in Idaho Falls, Idaho, is great for printing just about anything.  The prices are fantastic and the service is quick.  Their staff is very friendly and helpful when it comes to sizing questions or printing information.

Perfect Light Camera in Idaho Falls Idaho, is every photographers dream!  The store has trips around the world you can join to take pictures of places you will always remember.   Christopher Palmer teaches classes at various seminars (I have taken them and I love them!!  Ready for the one in April 2017.)     The store staff is knowledgeable and understands that photographers are on budgets so they will work to find you what you need without overselling you a product.

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